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She's a Serena

A Serena van der Woodsen/Blake Lively Appreciation Society

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A community for dedicated fangirling of Blake Lively/Serena van der Woodsen.
General Info
Welcome! This is the Serena Van Der Woodsen/Blake Lively Appreciation Society, dedicated to 24/7 love and speculation about the sunny blonde actress and her Gossip Girl counterpart.

Gossip Girl is an incredibly addicting television show about rich Upper East Side kids with a cult following that airs on the CW Monday nights. And Serena is the reigning “It Girl” with a past full of somewhat scandalous secrets and a cheeky (okay smug) poetry-writing boyfriend from Brooklyn and a HBIC as a best friend. But you probably already know that.

And yes, her hair is actually made of 75% sunshine, 25% rainbows.

YOU SHOULD PROBABLY JOIN TO SEE ALL OF THE GOODIES WITHIN. THANKS. (Note that there is a difference between joining + friending and just friending the community.)

1. All posts should pertain to Blake Lively or her Gossip Girl character Serena van der Woodsen! Stay on topic! If you are uncertain as to whether a post you are making is appropriate, feel free to contact one of the mods. We’ll love you for it.

2. Posts are moderated. If you have an awesome set of Blake and Penn photos, or juicy new Serena arc spoilers that has not yet been posted, feel free to! Any kind of reports, photos, fanwork, videos, articles/links and essays are welcome. Feel free to post as often as you like, but please make sure your post will be interesting and relevant to others. The mods will be doing their part to keep the place lively (no pun intended!) and full of updates.

Note: If you have large or multiple images, use a teaser or two and put the rest under a cut, please. If you are posting icons, you need at least 20 of Blake and/or Serena. We don’t want to see just 3 of Blake and then 20 of the guys from Supernatural all the time. Also, please upload to your own source. NO HOTLINKING IS ALLOWED FROM ANYWHERE, that's just not good internet manners. Also, spoilers and information from episode unaired in the US at the time you are posting them should be behind a cut and labeled accordingly. If you do not follow these rules, your post will be rejected faster than you can blink.

3. Please be a fan of Blake Lively and her character. If you dislike Serena or the actress…why are you here? This is intended to be a fun place for fans to read about, look at picture of and discuss Blake/Serena, sans negativity.

4. Just because we are all fans of Serena and Blake here DOES NOT mean that we are not fans of Leighton Meester and her character, Blair Waldorf. Or Vanessa/Jessica Szohr. Bashing of other characters and actors is completely unacceptable here; do it in your own journal and do not bring the drama here, please. We’d like to keep the discussion to positive things about Blake. You don’t need to OMG love everyone involved in Gossip Girl of course, but if you have nothing to say to a post of, say Blake candids but “SHE IS WAY PRETTIER THAN LEIGHTON, LEIGHTON IS LAME BLAHBLAHBLAH”, we mods will get tired of you pretty fast.

5. TAG YER POSTS. Keep it simple! If you are posting fan art, tag it under 'fan art'. If you are posting set photos, post under 'photos'. We mods will soon have a pool of tags from you to pull from.

6. Be nice! Have fun! Play with your fellow fans and feel free to squee.


Whenever problems arise or you would like to share concerns or give feedback, feel free to contact the modly powers. We are:
glassbomb: email: somebodys_baby101@yahoo.com
balcarin (though she mostly makes us pretty sh*t)
welurklate: email: charm.attacked@gmail.com
scout27: email: scout27@gmail.com

PMs are also good.

So far, we are affiliated with blairwaldorfs and leighton_fans. Consider them our sister communities! We are looking forward to possible “joint projects” in the future.

Other related Gossip Girl communities looking to affiliate can contact glassbomb.

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Our main and most excellent recourse is blake lively web

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